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Our own time is valued more than wealth.

Health Hack Labs Oy is a startup that innovates, researches and develops products that strengthen the positive natural processes in your body. With our products a consumer will get more out of his or her life – More valuable time, joy, and energy!





We founded Health Hack Labs Oy because there was a lack of efficient products to solve a specific problem of the common man or woman. Right from the start we identified a few universal consumer problems where there wasn't an optimal product available so we started to research the best possible way to solve those consumer problems.

After a lengthy research and development process we have entered the market with two best possible products for two common problems: FixU Drink to recover optimally from a night out and Trick Shot to improve energy levels most efficiently.

All our products are based on scientifically proven facts and long term research and development. Our motivation is to innovate the best possible products to solve specific problems, with the best possible ingredients. We are the pioneers of the FoodTech industry and our products will evolve even more during the upcoming years as research advances and new scientific facts are released.

In addition to FixU Drink and Trick Shot we are developing four other products that are to be launched during the year 2022. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to speed on our innovations.






Our first product was FixU Drink - a hangover prevention drink. It's main ingredients have been scientifically proven to speed up metabolism of alcohol byproducts and to help to alleviate the negative symptoms caused by sensible alcohol consumption. FixU supports wellbeing and helps you make the next morning great again.

Our next product, Trick Shot, is most likely the world's most effective healthy energy shot at the moment. During the formulation process we emphasized heavily on long-term energy, general wellbeing and mood, motivation and ability to stay focused. Trick Shot helps you to be motivated, alert and energized so that you will get more out of every moment - at work, at home, during your free time, at hobbies and sports, where ever you want to be energized.

With Health Hack Labs you feel better, get more done and can be the best version of yourself. If you are interested in our products either as a customer, retailer, partner, distributor, or want to co-operate with us in any way, please contact us thru email at: or use the below button to contact us.